Five Controversial Things To Avoid In A Research Paper On Organ Sales

Sometimes professors tell students to write research papers on topics that are rather controversial, for instance, organ sales. It has become rather common to transplant human organs nowadays. The organs that are typically transplanted include kidneys, lungs, heart, bones, liver, skin, cornea along with pancreas. If you have been told to write on organ sales then you need to remember to be conscious of certain points that are discussed below:

  1. Ethical issues
  2. It is better to avoid discussing ethical points when it comes to writing on organ transplants. There are some cases whereby a child tends to be conceived so as to employ their organs within another individual often some blood relative. This has caused ethical questions to be raised concerning the fact that who should give the consent when it comes to the donor child Moreover if this type of activity is said to be child abuse. This is a rather controversial point. Therefore, it is better to stay away from it.

  3. Legal issues
  4. There are some legal issues when it comes to the topic of organ transplant that can be said to be rather controversial. For instance, whether children are being forced to give some relative an organ. The cases may be different and the court’s rulings different concerning this concept, therefore, it is better to stay away from discussing it.

  5. Organs given by infants who are terminally physically challenged
  6. This is another controversial idea because some people may think that infants who are terminally disabled should give their working organs to save children who can be saved while some individuals claim that one child’s life should not be taken so as to save some other child.

  7. The consent of the donor
  8. A very controversial issue when it comes to organ sale is the consent of the donor. If the organ is taken from a baby or child who is a stepchild or adopted a child then who should give the consent.

  9. The origin of the organ
  10. What should be done if someone comes to sell an organ of another person who has died and the doctor does not know if this dead person agreed to sell their organ? The case may be present that someone suspicions come with an organ, should this organ be bought or should the case be investigated?

Remember the above controversial points that are better to be avoided when it comes to writing a research paper that deals with organ sale.