20 Examples Of Great Topics For A Chemical Engineering Term Paper

Chemical engineering is an incredibly broad field that encompasses a wide variety of problems and questions that could be the focus of your term paper. It’s important to keep scope in mind as you make your choice. In this field, it’s easy to choose a topic that’s too broad or too narrow. Create an outline based on your topic to get an idea of how long your paper might be, and broaden or narrow your topic accordingly.

Green energy is a hot topic at the moment, and paper topics like the following would fall under this trend:

  1. Viability of Jatropha Curcas L. for Biodiesel Production
  2. Microbes as a Potential Energy Source
  3. Perennial Grasses as a Source of Bioenergy
  4. Crystallinity and Enzymatic Hydrolysis Rates
  5. A fascinating field of chemical engineering is culinary chemical engineering. This is a great choice for a term paper because you probably have easy access to most of the materials you need to experiment.

  6. Membrane-based Separation Systems for Food Purification
  7. The Efficacy and Safety of Fermentation as a Preservation Method in the Modern World
  8. Essential Oils as Natural Food Additives to Kill Microorganisms
  9. Thermobacteriology in Food Processing
  10. The creation of synthetic fibers and exploration of alternatives is also an always-growing area of research as we look for man-made and natural fibers that are sustainable and functional.

  11. Nano-Silica and the Treatment of Macro-Synthetic Fibers
  12. Sustainable Production of Natural Cellulose Fibers
  13. Most Recent Innovations in Synthetic Dyes and their Impact
  14. Surface Treatments to Improve Performance of Natural Fiber Textiles
  15. Chemical engineers will always play an important role in the production of drugs, with an emphasis on making drugs safer and more affordable.

  16. Self-Defending Surfaces for Drug Production
  17. Sustained Drug Release Technologies
  18. Nanoparticle Delivery of Drugs
  19. Flavonoids and Glucose Modulation
  20. Another great research topic to consider is polymers. Ever since the emergence of the polymer industry post-World War II, research in this field has been in demand.

  21. Transport in Porous Polymers
  22. Kinetics of Swelling of Absorbent Polymers
  23. Swelling Behavior of Hydrogels
  24. Temperature-Dependent Rheology of Liquid Crystal Polymers

After you narrow your interest to a specific area of research, you can begin identifying the questions that most interest you. The above are just 20 examples among thousands of potential term paper research topics in the field of chemical engineering.