A Complete Guide To Creating A Strong Research Paper On Legalizing Abortion

In life, many individuals aspire to be happy in the way that they live and the goals that they accomplish. For many people they find happiness in materialistic items, others find it in their significant other and starting a family. However, the latter is something that is a mixed bag all on its own.

While politicians think that it is their authority to decide what is right and wrong, one place that they should not be on their agenda is regulating abortion. Today we are going to give you a guide that will help you in writing a strong and compelling research paper about legalizing abortion.

  • Kids should not have kids
  • Today we are witnessing a high rate of teenagers having kids between the ages of 15-18 years old. These are typically the ages in which young teenagers are in high school. While they should definitely not be partaking in sexual activities anyways, kids now and days try to get away with things that they shouldn’t do. Needless to say, in the unfortunate case of a young woman getting pregnant in those age groups, she should definitely be able to get an abortion without any problems at all.

  • Health reasons for the woman
  • There are a variety of health scenarios that can occur with women during pregnancies. Situations including pre-existing sickness/diseases (including cancer, HIV/aids, or other terminal illnesses) can be detrimental to the baby and/or woman overall. With this in mind legalizing abortion should be mandated all across the world. The last thing that should be compromised is the health of any individual (woman or baby).

  • Personal accountability
  • Being held accountable for our actions is something we begin to understand during our teenage years. As kids we are held accountable to a degree, but not completely. When it comes to having an abortion, it should be understandable that this is being done for a logical reason. Whether you don’t want a baby with a specific person due to personal reasons or you are specifically not ready, the choice(s) are all better than bringing a kid into the world, and they have to suffer.

As you can see legalizing abortion is not something that should be looked at as a political right. If it is in the best interest of both parties (especially women) to have an abortion for the reasons listed above, then it should be respected as such.