Controversial Thoughts For Your Research Paper About Banned Books

Before you start your research paper on banned books, you will need to carry out the necessary research. There are some key questions that you will need to answer. Depending on the exact book and the available research, there are some questions that will apply more as compared to the others. You should also ensure that each paragraph has referenced at least 2 sources.

  • Introduction
  • In your introduction, you can start by defining what it means to ban books. What are the causes of having them banned? You can discuss a particular novel that was banned. You can include details such as when, where and the reason why the book was banned. Do you think that it was a good idea to ban the novel?

  • History of book banning
  • In the second paragraph, you can discuss the banning of books from a historical perspective. Discuss what is said and what is protected from the first amendment.

  • The banning of a particular book/author
  • Consider the reasons for the banning of a certain novel. Discuss the aspects of the novel that could have led to its banning. Did the author as well as other readers defend the work? If they did, what was their argument? Did the author give any reason for writing the controversial book? You can review his life to see if there is an occurrence that can relate to the book. Are there other controversial books that the author has written? What is his or her response on the controversy surrounding his book? If there is no information on the author’s reaction, you can research on the book reviews.

  • Inside the book
  • Consider 3 scenes in the novel that are an example of the claims that led to the banning of the book. Discuss each of the scenes deeply using quotations and descriptions.

  • Should the book have being banned?
  • Do you think that it was a good idea to ban the novel or should the banning be challenged? Already you have stated this but you should reinforce he thesis statement from the paragraph of the introduction. This is where you need to give your views on the book. What do you think about the parts that were controversial and are they worth banning or challenging? Do you think that the author was able to accomplish what they were aiming to when they were writing the book? Using a personal statement, discuss what are your views on the banning or challenging the book.