Sources for Academic Research Essays: Complete Guide

To know where we can get research papers from, Students need to understand what an academic source is. The significant step in carrying out your research is to examine the literature on available information in your subject of interest. Going through a lot of sources is frustrating and time-consuming, but worth it. One should use credible sources to write his academic essay. One must have the ability to differentiate between other sources and scholarly work.

What are the examples of academic sources for research essays? There publications and books incredible scholarly sources. The academic society includes other professionals, lecturers, and students. Before one publicizes his work, a group of scholars go through their work and look for the work’s scientific value.

The panel looks for:

  1. Books.
  2. Scientific journals.
  3. Internet resources.
  4. Reports.

Scholarly sources also include statistical collections, almanacs, directories of companies, organizations, and biography information.

Where can one locate academic sources?

One can get scholarly sources offline in university libraries. But if you are a student who prefers being remote to go out from your comfort zone, below are the options you can use.

  • Visit your university’s website. One university can give access to a scientific database and can also have a subscription for online libraries.
  • Access your college library. Most universities have online libraries. One’s school can consist of scientific work that is not present in other sources.
  • Go through the bibliography of the academic sources that you possess. Your sources can include course work or article that your instructor asks you to look for.
  • Search in Google books and Google scholar. They are a lot of articles, and most are free. Input the main word search bars and go through the information. Keep in mind that Google books contain non-academic information too.
  • Go through websites for research and governmental organizations. For one can visit the United Nations website, it contains a lot of information basing on statistics. Look for organizations that connect to your area of study.

JSTOR. It is an open-sources library. It offers paid and free articles in different fields. They include business, art, economics, law, history, social sciences, and medicine.

ScienceDirect. It collects a lot of publications basing on medical, technical, and scientific topics. Here one may find reviewed access to free articles and premium articles.

Open Library. It is a library catalog that is open. It will help one locate books in fantasy, art, science, biographies, religion, and romance. One can access most of the books digitally, while others can access them in a printed form.

Tips that one can use to collect academic sources

Below are some of the ways that one can store the records of his searches. When one follows these tips, his research should look more productive.

  • Do not just pass information if you think that it will not be useful.
  • Leave out sources that you think are repeating information.
  • Get a lot of sources that you think you will get information from.
  • One must paraphrase information to avoid plagiarism.
  • One is making a direct quote; one must copy the exact text.
  • Avoid code words, abbreviations in work
  • One must double-check his work after every new entry.
  • One must have complete citations for his work.
  • Discuss your sources with your supervisor.


Before you can think of writing an article, you should make sure that the sources that you get your information are credible. Don’t copy the text the way it is to avoid plagiarism.