Simple Manual On Creating A Research Paper About Texting While Driving

Just a few years ago the push towards making texting while driving illegal was a hot button issue on all media outlets. And while many countries have adopted some form of making this action illegal, there are still a number of opponents that argue the law hasn’t made any significant difference in making the streets any safer for drivers or pedestrians. This has caused a sort of resurgence of the topic and students are starting to see this come up in research paper assignments. The following is a simple manual for creating a great research paper on this subject:

  • Choose an Original, Interesting, and Manageable Topic
  • The first step to writing a great research paper is choosing an original, interesting, and manageable topic. You should always push the envelope with your study and ensure that it is something that is interesting to both you and the reader. Finally, your topic shouldn’t be overwhelming that you can’t find enough content to support your claims.

  • Conduct Background Research before Your In-depth Academic Research
  • Before you start your in-depth academic research, look up background content on the subject of texting while driving on the internet. This will give you an idea of the major issues and questions surrounding your topic. Next, conduct your in-depth academic research at the university library to access credible government or academic resources.

  • Create a Thesis and Develop a Paper Outline
  • Gather your research material and brainstorm a few thesis statement ideas. Narrow your draft thesis’s focus until you have a single concise statement that represents exactly what you will be arguing in the research paper. Next, create an outline that keeps your major discussion points and supporting pieces of evidence structured and organized.

  • Be Quick and Efficient When You Write the First Research Paper Draft
  • Aim to get your first draft completed quickly and efficiently. Don’t break your momentum to make corrections or think too hard about coming up with the perfect words to write. Your goal should be to get all of your ideas written on paper (or the screen) as they pop up in your head.

  • Revise, Edit and Proofread Your Work before Submission
  • Finally, before handing in your research paper about texting while driving you need to thoroughly revise, edit and proofread your first draft. Realistically, you should be submitting at least a third draft, one that has been revised (the second draft), and completely edited and proofread (the third draft). This will ensure that you have found and fixed all mistakes.