Creating A Research Paper On Autism Thesis Statement

In the United States, one in sixty eight children are born with autism. This is according to the Center for Disease and control, an organization that focuses on prevalence of different health conditions in the control. The condition has no cure and impacts the quality of life of the affected individuals negatively. Writing a research paper about the condition can help identify the solutions to management of the condition or highlight new issues that need close attention.

Tips of Writing a Good Thesis Statement

A thesis statement appears on the introduction section of the paper. It helps a reader to understand what a researcher feels about autism. It will also offer insights on the purpose of a paper and the structure of an argument. On the contrary, a weak thesis statement will make an argument seem weak. Accordingly, a researcher must be able to write the best statement. The following tips are useful in this process:

  • Answer a question first
  • You can easily come up with a thesis statement by creating a question first and then trying to answer it. For instance, you can have a question- what are the benefits of early intervention of an autism person? The thesis statement will then be answer to the question. You can say, therefore, early intervention can help an autistic child to lead a productive life.

  • Address a single issue
  • It can be daunting to come up with a thesis statement if you are addressing multiple issues about autism. As such, you may want to focus on one issue. Examples of such issues are the concept of early intervention, medication necessary for the group, schooling needs for the population and the preparedness of health facilities to address issues faced by an autistic child among other topics.

  • Find a statement that can be proved.
  • A good thesis should always be backed up with evidence. In this light, you must have the end-result of a study before writing the statement.

  • Thesis statement should not be lengthy
  • You should limit your thesis statement to one or two lines. The statement must be clear to help a reader understand the direction of a survey. Offering too many details will make the readers confused and uninterested in your paper.

Precisely, a thesis statement should be clear, specific and easy to prove. It should help the readers understand your position on autism and the direction of your paper.