Advice That Helped Me To Create A Research Paper On The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is a novel written by Khaled Hosseini that focuses on a father-son story. Your literature teacher may ask you to create a research paper on The Kite Runner. If you want to complete this academic assignment successfully, you should follow particular steps during your work.

Preparing to Write a Research Paper on The Kite Runner

  1. Read the book.
  2. To compose a good term paper on the novel, you should read it on your own. Knowing only the summary of the plot, you won’t have any insight into the characters and the writing style of the author.

  3. Choose a question to answer.
  4. If you want your paper to be original and worthy of a high score, you should analyze a particular aspect related to the novel. For example, you may investigate whether this story could exist if there was no class difference between Hassan and Amir.

  5. Conduct your study.
  6. Now, you should take measures to answer the main question of your narrow topic. You may not only analyze the actual novel but also read reviews of reputable critics and interviews with the author to get more support for your arguments.

  7. Create an outline.
  8. The last step before you start writing your actual paper is to outline it. Make sure to plan what you’ll include in the introduction, body, and conclusion of your text. This way, the writing process will be much easier. Moreover, you won’t forget any details to mention.

Writing a Research Paper on The Kite Runner

Make sure to provide basic information about the novel and its plot in the introduction. Then, you should move on to the narrow question that you’ve decided to answer. The body chapter should illustrate your analysis and present your arguments. Make references to the novel and other relevant sources to support your arguments. In the conclusion, you should summarize what you found during your analysis and give an answer to the main question of your academic work.

After you paper has been fully composed, you should check it for errors and rewrite sentences that sound out of place. You may even ask a third-party editor to proofread your text to play it safe.

In brief, to write a good academic paper on a piece of literature, you should be familiar with it. To conduct a unique study, you may look through several academic papers related to the same novel written by other students. Try to analyze the events and characters of the novel from an objective point of view.