Crafting An Astonishing Science Fair Research Paper Quickly

If you have been procrastinating about writing the results of your project, we have some tips to help you craft an astonishing science fair research paper quickly. At this point, you should be in the final stage of your project. All of your information should be completed and only need to be put together and organized into one full document.

Your final science fair paper should contain the following:

  • Title Page
  • This will include the title of your work, your name and the date.

  • Abstract
  • An abstract is a summarized version of your final report. Although this is located at the beginning of your report, you will want to save this task for the end.

  • Table of Contents
  • Your table of contents should break down everything found in your report and contain page numbers. This list should consist of your Purpose, Hypothesis, Research, Materials, Procedure, Data, Results, Conclusion, Reference/Bibliography and Acknowledgements in the order that you have arranged in your report.

  • Hypothesis, Questions, and Variables
  • Once you have decided on your topic, you will need to come up with a scientific question and what your hypothesis is. You are also likely to have three types of variables to report.

  • Background Research
  • This is the paper you wrote before doing your science experiment.

  • Materials List
  • You will want to make this list as detailed as possible. Include everything needed to perform your experiment.

  • Experimental Procedure
  • This is the step-by-step details used to complete your experience. You want it to be so exact that someone else can duplicate your experience. You should also repeat these steps a few times to ensure your results are the same.

  • Data Analysis and Graphs
  • This where you will review your data to make sure you didn’t miss anything. You may find that you need to do more digging. Make sure all graphs are clearly labeled and easy to read.

  • Conclusions
  • This is where you will showcase how your results stack up against your hypothesis. Did they support the hypothesis or contradict it? Summarize your experimental procedure and its effectiveness.

  • Reference/Bibliography
  • Make sure you list all of the sources you used including books, websites, and magazines. It is good practice to have 3 or more references.

  • Acknowledgements
  • This is where you can give thanks to anyone who helped you out with this project. This section is optional.

Completing you’re the final stage of your science fair project can be a daunting task, but if you stay organized and on track following the steps above it will be a breeze.