How To Create An International Relations Research Paper

International relations is a very broad field of study which has many research topics to offer. There are some steps a student should take before writing a research project.

Firstly, search for a field in which you are interested most of all. Since international relations encompasses many fields related to political science, social sciences, economics etc., you have a wide range of topics to choose from. However, if it looks too tedious for you, simply find some already studied topics on the internet and think how you can modify them.

Secondly, be aware of the fact that you will need a solid theoretical background for your research. Many scholars working in the field of international relations often complain about the lack of theoretical approach in students` dissertations. Nevertheless, theories in international relations are not that complicated. Basically, you can select one of the main ones:

  • Realism
  • Idealism
  • Neorealism
  • Liberalism

Any subject in international relations can be studied from these four perspectives. If your topic of interest is not related to the studies of theories, selecting one of them must be enough.

After selecting your topic and a relevant theory, it is recommended to focus on the methods and methodology. Usually, students find it hard to select appropriate methodology, however, it depends on how much effort you are ready to put into your paper. The most popular and commonly used methods in international relations are content analysis and qualitative research. Students with good understanding of statistics and methodology may also turn to quantitative methods which are usually used within empirical researches.

A literature review is also one of the most important parts in the thesis. Professors give better marks for papers if books and monographs are used. Therefore, if you want your work to receive a good grade, it is better to go the library and borrow a few books rather than use articles even if they are academic ones. Remember that a decent paper requires at least 20 sources.

Before starting to write the dissertation, it is a good idea to consult with your supervisor. Make sure that your supervisor is an expert in the topic you've selected. Supervisors are not only grading you, they are there to help with any questions regarding the research. Also, you may consider using cheap dissertation writing help.

Do not forget to put in correct citations, check grammar and spelling and count the number of words you use. Such kinds of mistakes may negatively affect your grade.