Research Paper Topics On Theatre – Top 20 Ideas

Before you get started with the researching and writing phases of your theatre research paper, you need to come up with a good topic. A good topic is often characterized by its originality and interest. It should be an idea that is neither to broad or too narrow, but one that falls somewhere in the middle. Here is a list of 20 good theatre topic ideas for you to consider:

  1. Discuss the major transformations in American Theatre since the start of the 20th century.
  2. In what ways have ancient theatrical traditions (Greek and Roman) survived in today’s work?
  3. Compare and contrast the sentimental comedy with slapstick or laugh-out-loud comedy.
  4. What do modern playwrights think about commercial theatre throughout Western Europe?
  5. Provide a critical analysis for the ways women were represented in the works of Marlowe.
  6. How important was the Harlem Renaissance in the influence of modern Black playwrights?
  7. What were the major roles or functions of the Chorus in the plays from Ancient Greece?
  8. Provide a critical analysis of four centuries’ worth of performance of Hamlet and Othello.
  9. Discuss the process of acting and directing as made popular by English actor David Garrick.
  10. In what ways was Shakespeare’s success determined by the Elizabethan audience?
  11. How has playing the classical tragic roles held up in today’s modern theatrical productions?
  12. How was royal society portrayed in the tragedies and historical plays of Shakespeare?
  13. In what ways has ethnic theatre in the last 20 years influenced U.S. social and political issues?
  14. Compare and contrast some of the major dramatic techniques employed in modern theatre.
  15. What are the origins of modern African American theatre and where did it develop in the U.S.?
  16. In what ways did Elizabethan playwrights influence the dramatic techniques in modern theatre?
  17. How influential were the acting techniques of China’s Mei Lan Fang in other parts of the world?
  18. Provide a critical analysis of the children’s theatrical companies in the time of Shakespeare.
  19. Compare and contrast the dramatic works of the European writers Strasberg and Stanislavski.
  20. Describe the relationships between fathers and daughters in Shakespeare’s comedy plays.

These are just a few topic ideas you can use for your own work or as inspiration towards developing your own. You can find more great suggestions by visiting a high quality professional writing service.