Interesting Research Paper Subjects On Salem Witch Trials

In colonial Massachusetts, individuals indicted for engaging in witchcraft got prosecuted in what has famously become renowned as the Salem witch trials. It happened between the periods of 1692 and 1693, which saw two hundred people prosecuted and about thirty indicted for witchcraft. As a consequence, nineteen individuals got executed through hanging.    

So it’s a subject that you can frequently encounter as a subject for your research paper in school. What kind of titles can consider for your paper when given this historic trial as a theme for your paper 

Potential Research Paper Ideas for the Salem Witch Trial

  • Comparing the Salem and witchcraft trials in Germany and France during the fourteenth and fifteenth century
  • Popular women witches in the fifteenth and sixteenth-century Germany
  • Witchcraft among men and women in sixteenth and seventeenth-century France
  • Escaping New England’s Salem during the seventeenth century, and the societal role of women at the time.
  • The role of night witches during the second world war
  • Comparisons between McCarthy era hysteria and the Salem trials for the witches
  • The significance and role of the Salem and McCarthyism trials
  • Witch trials during the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries in Italy
  • The Crucible’s relevance as a book in paralleling America’s modern witch hunt and the seventeenth century Salem trials
  • The present LGBT community’s witch hunt in the form of discrimination paralleled with the 1692 Salem trials for witches: reasonable solutions to seeking an end to the existing witch hunt   
  • What role did the social and religious culture of Puritans play in the Salem trial proceedings?
  • The social and religious cause of witch trials of Salem and their role in unfair trials
  • The role of gender in the Salem trials for witches
  • What Salem trials for witches mean and it’s societal impact
  • The description of Marilynne Roach’s literal analysis on the aspect of religion in influencing the lives of the characters in line with the Salem trials
  • Does the film ‘The Crucible’ accurately depict the 1693 witch trials of Salem
  • Historical and current examples that depict witch trials of Salem as a dark time of human history- lessons taught by the experiences then
  • The trials of Salem and what they reveal about power and gender in the US seventeenth century
  • The influence of the Salem trials on the American literature
  • What societal problems did the trials and subsequent executions of Salem solve?
  • Underlying reasons that led to the oppression of individuals during the witch trials of Salem
  • What ways proved the best in avoiding trial and subsequent execution on grounds of witchcraft during the trials of Salem?
  • The relationship between Salem trials and gay marriage
  • Reasons why the witch trials of Salem represent the most awful and strangest human chapter in line with the book, The Crucible
  • Analyzing the historical evidence when it comes to the witch trials of Salem
  • Is it possible to have other explanations other than religion and superstition concerning the witch trials of Salem in the year 1662 to 1663
  • What events led to the occurrence of the witch trials of Salem?
  • Political and social causes of the trials of Salem


Most excellent research papers ever developed rely heavily on properly researched and executed topics. To have a good paper based on the witch trials of Salem, consider some of the proposed ideas for topics.