How To Organize The Research Paper Writing Process

Many people like writing research papers. Most of those who do well have read and mastered the organization process and therefore, they have nothing to panic at. For rookies, this is a total nightmare because they face multiple challenges, Are you looking forward to composing a winning paper today? Below is proven organization guideline you should adhere to:

Get an interesting topic

You cannot craft your paper if you do not have a pertinent topic. You therefore need to cogitate of something interesting which can be impressive to most of your readers. Avoid topics that have been used by so many people such that they are common. It is advisable to look for those that are unparalleled so that most of your readers’ minds can be drawn in.

Research to get facts

It is impossible to craft a good paper without a prior exploration. Those who try to do so normally end up with poor quality work since they give things that are irrelevant to the topic. You need to employ multiple books, journals and the internet to get information. As you read them, Make sure you get the facts. Nevertheless, you cannot master every single detail and therefore, you have no option but to get a clean sheet of paper where you can jot down important details.


This is normally written after one has explored multiple resources to get information. It is simply an explanation of the title so that those who might not have clue can understand it. It should be simple to understand and straight to the point. Avoid irrelevant information that can only leave the reader at sea. You should also give a clear thesis statement.

The body

This is the major part of the paper. It involves two major parts. The first part on every paragraph is the topic sentence which specifically carries the main point. The second part entails a detailed explanation of the point to make it easily understandable. For instance, the writer can use various pieces of information drawn from a number of books and in the internet sites. Perfect examples should also be given.


This is a brief section of the research paper that makes up the very last paragraph. It should be composed without involving so many details. For instance, simply give a summary of what has been said before in the paper by mentioning the important points.

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