Writing A Top-Quality Research Paper About Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a very critical topic that should be handled with heightened care. Some people call it ‘mercy killing’ whereas other calls it as ‘assisted suicide’. The subject is highly debatable and many countries have still not approved this. Basically Euthanasia is the painless killing of a person who is suffering from a highly painful disease. In such cases, patients go through a lot of mental and physical agony. Whenever you are allotted such a topic, exercise lot of care as you donor know the mindset of your professor and he might go against you.

How to write term paper on euthanasia-

Usually, such papers have a word count of 3500 words.

Follow these essential tips-

Title page:

Pick whatever style has been asked by your professor. It could be APA, MLA or Chicago style. If you are writing in MLA style, you need to have double spacing including the title page. Begin each word with a capital letter including the proper noun. Align them in the centre. Followed by it , write your name, course of study, instructor’s name and finally the submission date.

Table of Contents:

List all the headings. All the sections and subsections should be written in bold. The font of primary heading should be bigger than the secondary headings. List all of them with their respective page numbers.


 Here offer a concise explanation of the problem in hand. Write the objective of your research paper. Think for all the possible questions that will be part of the term paper. You should also offer a concise outline of the current investigation conducted. Think for the significance of the research paper topic.

 Main Body:

This is the lengthiest part of the investigation. It should have many sections and subsections. Hence, in each heading, cite a chief point and offer argument. Furthermore, in text citations should be used properly. If you have used the same wordings from a textbook, journal or other source mention them.

The euthanasia thesis paper should have following sections:

  • Analysis of the primary literature
  • Practical problems
  • Current state of research
  • Your personal viewpoint 


Here, state the problem you stated in the beginning and explain the result you received after carrying an investigation. While summarizing the observations, explain the strengths and limitations. Furthermore, you can suggest future work too.

References/ Bibliography:

List all the resources here.


It has complete list of information regarding survey forms, statistics, questionnaires, charts, figures, maps etc.

Some relevant topics-

  • Should euthanasia be considered legal?
  • Euthanasia and religion
  • Euthanasia- mercy or murder?
  • Euthanasia in a particular country
  • Euthanasia right of every patient- “painful sufferer”