Top Research Paper Topics in 2020

Many people believe that it is difficult to start writing a document, research, or an article. Such people do not know that selecting a topic is equally challenging as well. Burn out a lot of time, energy, and information here. Offering you an idea of what to do is my best gift to you.

The most comprehensive and complicated topics are what have made it all very interesting to discover. Writing research often either leaves you begging for a topic, or you will luckily get one from one’s lecturer or supervisor.


For proper research, one has to follow the tips below so that one can pay a percentage. For better research, one has to;

Genuinely be able to get to know their research topic well: one should be above all interested in the work he or she is carrying out. Some people want to do the easy research topics so that they finish earlier, that is a person cheating him or herself. Creating something new and not written about before brings a bonus and changes the world’s perspective about research topics; after all, outlining one’s work is very important because one gets to know what to write and when to write.

Information is essential: before one thinks of writing anything else, he or she has to gather enough information that when he or she starts writing, it wi be difficult for him or her to run out of ideas at any point in time. One has to refer to review literature related to his topic or field of research to make sure one’s research and back up with evidence.

As one tries to research, one must know that there are already three types of research that include;

  • Descriptive research is the type of research that deals in the observation of unfolding events for the writer to bring out a message, importance, and a final verdict or result.
  • Causal is mostly centering on the examination of the behavior of certain variables bringing about causal friendship.
  • Comparative research, this aspect mostly peers into either sameness or difference in the aspect of research.

What does a good research topic contain?

A good research topic consists of many other elements. Some of these elements include:

  • How do you portray evidence?
  • How firm and creative the writer was, including how original the writer’s work was.
  • How impacting is the article to the community or the writer?
  • What about the reader. How does he or she benefit?
  • How is the topic catching up with the day to day lives of the people?
  • The question of placebo treatment
  • The question of testing animals and their harmfulness.
  • The question of marijuana as a treatment.
  • Is marijuana the best people can turn to
  • How healthy is cow milk
  • The question of obesity and health
  • Are vaccines recommended for children
  • The question of unemployment among college graduates
  • Do college graduates make money
  • Does education have to be cheap at all
  • Are metal detectors recommended at schools?
  • The question of global warming and what action to take.
  • Is an overwhelming population manageable
  • Harmful impacts of wildlife
  • Harmfulness of forests
  • The impact of bush burning
  • The question of a nuclear power plant
  • The question of gaming and children
  • How do games affect children’s mindset?


Getting to write about research topics is solely a student’s role. Most students get to seek more from the internet, they buy custom research papers online and that helps them build up much.