20 Unique Topic Ideas For A Business Research Paper

If you are having trouble finding topics for a business research paper, consider the 20 unique ideas below:

  1. The move away from outsourcing and back toward local production
  2. CEO’s and Psychopathic Tendencies: What Makes Leaders Great
  3. How to Analyze and Critique Advertisements: What Makes Companies Great
  4. Why Entrepreneurs are Different: The Changing Personalities of the Business Landscape
  5. Why People Work: How to Encourage Better Productivity
  6. International Relations: Maintaining Corporate Rules Among Varying Cultures
  7. Organizational Issues Among Manufacturing Plants
  8. Company Profiles: Where Are They Today?
  9. The Fusion of IT and Telecommunications: A New Force Pushing the Global Economy Forward
  10. White Collar Crimes: The Need for Stricter Punishments
  11. Compromised Business Ethics: How Ethical Issues Erode Industry Credibility
  12. How Leadership Styles Influence Manufacturing Performance
  13. The Best Way for Organizations to Respond to Organizational Behavior: When Employees are Individuals
  14. The Impact of Rapid Global Commerce on Human Resource Techniques
  15. Corporate Product Marketing: The Importance of CSR
  16. Using Authoritative Management Styles to Handle Conflict Management Issues
  17. Global Growth: Why the U.S. Will Not Survive a Global Economy
  18. Electronic Technology Growth: Creating a Need for Managing Highly Knowledgeable
  19. Workers in the Technological Industry
  20. Dr. Pepper v. Coke: Comparing Industries Competitors
  21. Incentives: How to Mitigate High IT Turnover Rates Industry Wide

It is important to note that all of these topics are meant as a guide. Some of them can be changed to fit the instructions or guidelines of your paper, such as adding a specific company to the topic or changing the comparison or discussion to fit one which was given by your teacher. In any case, these can also function as a sounding board, a starting point to help get your creative juices flowing. If one of the topics above does not meet the requirements of your next writing assignment, you might find that they inspire something which does.

As always, if you are struggling to find an appropriate topic, it is best to speak with your teacher or professor, even if you have the idea in mind already. It is always better to know you have something on point than to find out halfway through the writing process. If you want to use one from the list above, seek their approval to ensure it conforms to the project guidelines you must follow. In some cases, teachers can help you to brainstorm potential ideas like the list above.