20 Ideas For A Research Paper On Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a field that is continuously evolving, primarily due to technological changes and shifts in consumer behavior.  This evolution of marketing allows for a constant influx of relevant and fascinating research topics for students to explore.  Marketing strategy is extremely varied, resulting in a wide range of areas of study to consider.  The following list offers suggestions for research papers on marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

There is no question that the use of social media continues to rapidly increase.  Businesses have begun to focus many of their marketing efforts on social media marketing strategies as utilizing social media to drive sales and audience engagement is proven to work.  As social media continues to emerge as a primary marketing strategy, there are many tracts to explore, including:

  1. The ease of digital lead-generation
  2. Using social media to collect qualitative data
  3. Exploration of analytic data on social media websites
  4. B2B social media marketing
  5. Data privacy in relationship to social media marketing
  6. Brand Equity

    In essence, marketing primarily revolves around brand equity.  The entirety of most marketing strategies is based on developing a well-known and well-received brand in order to increase the amount of followers, consumers, and audience members.  Papers about brand equity could explore:

  7. The models and measurements of brand equity
  8. The relationship between brand equity and brand identity
  9. Strategies for approaching a company rebrand
  10. Effective brand promotion and engagement
  11. The relationship between consumer-based brand equity and brand market performance
  12. Product Placement

    Product placement continues to be an important area of study in marketing strategy.  As the use of product placement has changed and increased so rapidly in recent years, there are a number of relevant topics such as:

  13. Effective examples of reverse product placement
  14. Audience responses to product placement in movies and television
  15. The evolution of product placement in Hollywood movies
  16. The relationship between mental models and product placement
  17. Controversies of product placement
  18. Consumer Behavior

    Finally, marketing is driven by consumer behavior, so it is vitally important to research and understand what makes a customer tick in order to increase sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.  Some topics for consumer behavior research include:

  19. The characteristics of a loyal consumer
  20. Factors affecting consumer buying behavior
  21. Customer relationship management strategies to increase customer retention
  22. Consumer reactions to unethical brand decisions
  23. Consumer behavior during a financial recession