20 Ideas For A Research Paper In Macroeconomics

The field of economics can be divided into a bunch of different branches. One of these branches is macroeconomics. Macroeconomics deals with different fields of economy such as structure, behaviour and performance. Writing a research paper on such a wide based topic can be a hassle. In order for your paper to make an impact you will need to narrow its subjects down to one topic.

It’s important to choose a topic to which you will stay dedicated throughout the process of writing your paper. A lot of discouragement can be caused while writing your paper and you need to pick a topic that will keep you motivated to carry through up until the end. Several timeless and timely topics can be added to the list of macroeconomic essays which are not only interesting to write about but to read about as well. :

Topics regarding microeconomics change frequently. Below a few of these are mentioned.

  • Basic Macroeconomic Concepts
  • Macroeconomic research consists of three central topics that can provide for extremely interesting papers when discussed in detail, namely:

    1. Output and Income in a Country
    2. Unemployment rates
    3. Inflation and Deflation in an Economy
  • Macroeconomic Policies
  • A paper regarding policies implemented to stabilize the economy requires a lot of research and can deliver a unique point of view. The two policies that one can write about are as follows:

    1. Monetary Policies as implemented by Central Banks
    2. Fiscal Policies as used by governments
  • Macroeconomic Growth Models
  • These models can be broken down into various discussion topics such as,

    1. Recessions
    2. Benefits of Economic Growth
    3. Effects of a fall in the Savings Ratio of a Country
    4. The IS – LM model and discussions about Interest Rates
    5. The AD – AS model regarding explanations about the Macroeconomics

    Other basic concepts that make great research topics include:

    1. Difficulties included in the Control of Inflation
    2. The natural rate of unemployment explained
    3. Effects of a falling Stock Market
    4. Problems involved with Free Trade
    5. The rise of credit and why it won’t fall
    6. How low wages affects the Economy
    7. Paying for Education
    8. Franchising and its contribution to the Global Economy
    9. The justification of child labour in the current Economic System
    10. The Elite: How they control power, laws and trade in an economic structure