Advice On How To Cite Personal Interview In Research Paper

Citing in research papers is, quite possibly, the most important duty a writer is required to perform. While plagiarism is a big problem, it is actually impossible to conduct most research without drawing on information or ideas obtained from published works. This is quite normal and a vital part of the academic process, for years scholars have built on the work of the ones before them.

When writing your paper, you have many different options of formatting to choose from. Most authors choose to use one of the few more popular format styles, it is still possible to make use of less known styles. Regardless of your choice, citing requires various basic aspects that should be followed in every paper. Consider the following suggestions to help you cite your personal interview in your research paper:

  1. Have verifiable account of the interview
  2. With prior knowledge of the importance of this particular interview, you should do your best to make recording of the proceedings. This way, for referencing purposes, you could make this record available.

  3. Have contact information of the interviewers
  4. Be sure to collect and keep safely, all the contact information for the persons involved, as well as other information. It is useful to have the qualifications and positions of your interviewers, this may be more useful than the names of the persons themselves.

  5. Consider your options of style
  6. When writing a paper, authors must decide on a style they wish to work with. While authors do have the liberty of composing their papers according to their own tastes, making use of a recognized format could save you a lot of trouble by providing you with efficient systems for citing.

  7. Use quotes only when verifiable
  8. One may be unable to resist the urge to quote parts from the interview however, this must only be don when you can verify the quote itself. In this instance, it is particularly important to posses records, either written or video recorded. This would make it much easier to present your information since there would be no doubt about its accuracy.

  9. End with a detailed reference section.
  10. The reference section is a very important part of your paper and you must take great pains to be very detailed when you compose it. Depending on your paper style choice, you should have an established way of doing this, you just have to follow the instructions.