Five Important Facts For Writing A Research Paper About Abortion

Abortion is one of the most debatable topics in the whole world. While in some countries it’s morally acceptable and legal, in others women who have their pregnancy terminated are demonized and even brought to trial. When writing a custom research paper on abortion, you will have to present your own opinion and back it with evidence. The latter is impossible without learning key facts about abortion.

Five Facts on Abortion That Will Make Your Research Paper More Convincing

  1. Every abortion kills a human being.
  2. It’s true for both humans and animals that new life begins at conception. Therefore, no matter at what stage of development an embryo is, the termination of its existence is a killing.

  3. Only around 1% of all women have abortions to save their lives.
  4. Abortions performed in order to save the mother’s health (mental or physical) are hundred times more frequent, so justifying millions of abortions under the pretext of saving lives is wrong and immoral.

  5. Abortion is more dangerous than childbirth.
  6. Mortality rates for abortion are much higher than that for childbirth. Moreover, many women who had had an abortion in the past tend to have their pregnancy progress with more complications.

  7. Many religions support a women’s right to choose.
  8. In spite of the widespread opinion that religions are against abortion, there are churches that support women’s right to have their pregnancy terminated. Among them are Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church, and others. Moreover, only a quarter of U.S. Catholics supports an unconditional ban on abortion.

  9. There is no connection between abortion and breast cancer.
  10. Opponents of abortion often claim the opposite, but many unbiased studies have proven that having an abortion doesn’t increase the risk of breast cancer.

The facts mentioned above should help you make your research paper substantiated with evidence. However, if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, check this website and have experts compose the study for you.

A Couple of Tips on Writing

Don’t forget to make an outline before setting about writing your paper. A well-structured outline will help you consistently state your arguments whatever your position is, pro-choice or pro-life.

Write a rough draft after completing an outline, structuring your thoughts into sentences and paragraphs. Don’t worry too much about your rough draft being imperfect. You will be able to edit and revise it later. Finally, make sure that you proofread your study before submitting it: there is no place for grammar or spelling errors in your work.